On t í»-t í»

  • Bartosz BROZEK
Palabras clave: legal concepts, Alf Ross, reference in law, coherence in law


My goal in this short paper is to argue that so-called intermediary concepts play an essential role in organizing and generating legal knowledge. My point of departure is a reconstruction and a critique of Alf Ross”™s analysis of such concepts. His goal was to argue that there exist concept in the law which have no semantic reference, yet it is reasonable to use them as they perform some useful function regarding the presentation of legal rules. I believe that Ross is wrong on both counts: his argument to the effect that intermediary concepts have no reference is flawed, and his characterization of the functions such concepts play in the law is too limiting.

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BROZEK, B. (2016). On t í»-t í». Utopía Y Praxis Latinoamericana, 20(71). Recuperado a partir de https://www.produccioncientificaluz.org/index.php/utopia/article/view/21069