Volver a los detalles del artículo El componente teórico en la producción científica / ABSTRACT Although scientific production is a product, is also a process; achieve more systematic, relevance, scientific approach and organization become key for the research that represents true contributions and advances in science, from the research whatever. Here, within this process of producing science, there are several components; one of them is the theoretical component, which represents one of the pillars of scientific development. The purpose of this paper is to present a descriptive and explanatory view of the role of theory in scientific production component; achieve notions establish logical and reasonable theory of why we employ in our investigations, or even - more - why or submit to generate contrast, is one of the great journeys that every researcher must perform. Hence, for a researcher to understand the scientific processes must recognize the purpose and value of theory in research, he is the same one that generates or has a good chance to evaluate. Descargar Descargar PDF